Saturday, January 6, 2018

Where to get free music streaming

Hello radio, there is a new player in town.  That's a online music streaming player!

So here is the deal, there are plenty of paid streaming music services available now.  But did you know that some of these services offer a free version?  The free version will have some limitations and most likely contain ads.

Lets review a couple popular ones, and one maybe less obvious choice.

Spotify - You can get Spotify music free a couple ways.  Spotify does offer a free service with some limitations and ads.  Here are some of the limitations:

  • Ads run about every 30 minutes
  • You can't download for offline
  • All playlists play in Shuffle mode

There is an option to get free premium service for a limited time.  The first is through a Rogers Shared Mobile plan.  You can get about a year free of the premium service. Spotify also does offer a 30 day free trial.

Google Play Music (Formely Songza) - Similar to Spotify the Google Play Music library is available for free with similar limitations:

  • Ads will run during music play
  • You can't download for offline
  • Playlists will shuffle
  • You can't see songs in Stations but you can build play lists.
Google Play Music will also offer 3 months of free premium.

Stingray Music - The more lesser known free option with no ads if you just want playlists is Stingray Music.  Most people have access to Stingray Music but don't know it.  Stingray Music is typically free with your subscription to your local cable provider.  You know those channels way high up that play music?  For Telus and Shaw, that is Stingray music.  They have an App and web player.  All you have to do like many of the cable on demand service is login with your cable providers ID and you have access to all of their playlists with some limitations:
  • Limited number of skips
  • There are no ads, but a voice does say "you are listening to Stingray Music"
  • Playlists are limited to what your cable provider allows
I personally prefer Stingray Music.  I find the playlists relevant when it comes to the hit lists and party music.  I like the fact that they use clean lyric tracks, so I do not have to worry about my kids hearing foul language. 


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

How to cleaning your Instant Pot sealing ring

Keeping your Instant Pot clean is key to a longer life span for your Instant Pot.
What you may forget to clean is the sealing ring that is in the lid of the Instant Pot.  It is important to clean the Instant Pot sealing ring every time you use your Instant Pot.  The sealing ring is what ensures your Instant Pot reaches the proper pressure.  If the ring has any food debris, it can stop or delay the pot from reaching the proper pressure point.

Also, because the ring is made of a rubber material, it takes on smells of the foods you cooked on.  Cleaning the sealing ring, can help take away the smell.

What we do to clean our ring is:

1. Remove it from the lid
2. Soak in vinegar for 30 minutes
3. Wash in dish washer

If your sealing ring begins to tear, you can buy authentic Instant Pot replacements on Amazon.

So how do you remove sealing ring and put it back?  We made two quick 20 second videos to show you.

Removing the sealing ring from the Instant Pot

Placing the sealing ring back into the Instant Pot

Don't have an Instant Pot? You can buy one from Amazon! Use the link below: