Monday, January 23, 2017

Best way to slice and warm up roast beef or brisket

There are basically two tips here.  The first tip is the best way to slice roast beef, and the second is how to warm up a roast without drying out the meet.

Best way to slice beef.

  1. Let brisket or roast cool down by placing in the fridge.
  2. Once cold, the beef becomes more solid and much more easier to with a sharp knife into thin slices
Please be careful while slicing!

Best way to warm up a sliced brisket

The best way to warm up sliced brisket is to use a double boiler, fill up with some water and boil the water with beef inside and lid on.   This will give the beef a steam bath and warm it up without drying it out.  You will also get a nice au jus with the water for pouring over the beef!

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